Archive: 2014

Live Music:

Ruairi O’Baoighill (IR)

Bird People (AT)

Jake Blanchard (UK)


Sophie Cooper (UK)

Cream Team (AT)

Datashock (DE)

Flamingo Creatures (DE)

Hering und seine sieben Sachen (DE)

Kot Kot (RUS)

Mesta (SRB)

Nine Inch Negl (AT)

Pretty LIghtning (DE)

Primordial Undermind (US/A)

Günter Schlienz (DE)

Shashash Ulz (RUS)

Superskin (AT)

Art Exhibits:

Royl Culbertson III: Metal Mangs (US/AT)

gruppe kifkif (AT)

Jake Blanchard (UK)

WasIstDas? Rauchwolken im Himmel Special


Contact Mic Workshop

Eric Arn’s “Dichte” – guided improvisation workshop

Hidden Sounds of the Environment

Film Screenings:

“Newlyborns” by David Colohan (IR)


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