Archive: 2013

Thursday, October 17

16:00 Doors open
Sound Harvest Installation (all day)
A Berry Game (all day)
19:00 Opening Ceremony: Bird People and MAHTPA read Gary Snyder
20:00 pm Vanessa Arn
21:00 pm Ryley Walker
22:00 pm Torùn
23:00 Daniel Bachman
24:00 DJ Line Feathered Coyote Soundsystem

Friday, October 18

15:00 Workshop: “Dichte” – a graphical score by Eric Arn
Sound Harvest Installation (all day)
A Berry Game (all day)
16:30 Idklang & Lebdi
17:30 Stary Zoo
18:30 Eric Arn
19:30 Gran
20:30 “Dichte” performance
21:00 Chalaque
22:00 Jon Collin
23:00 Metal Rouge
24:00 DJ Line Feathered Coyote Soundsystem


Thursday, October 17:

Bird People & MAHTPA (Opening Ceremony)

Bird People and MAHTPA will team up at this year’s Berry Feast to perform the opening ceremony on Thursday, October 17, 7 pm.

The pair will attempt to simultaneously soundtrack and read Gary Snyder’s poetry. Expect minimalistic Appalachian drone or something along those lines.


“gitarre, bass und was da so herumliegt – subtile rechtschreibfehler eines Ortes – ja, dort wars schön, nein, dort wars schön – stapfen durch den rutschigen schleifenraum – ein bisschen zerbrechen, die suche nach klebstoff – warten auf kleber – was ist genre und wohin – zwei einheiten richtung schatten – eine einheit puppenspieler – mit noten streiten und gegen abend verlieren – effektgeräte ein/aus, verzerren, delay – nochmal die bassline, anderer fingerpicking-pattern – ich möchte, dass es klingt, wie staub, der über der erde wirbelt”

Vanessa Arn

Vanessa Arn has been a member of avant-psych group Primordial Undermind since its Austin, TX incarnation in ’00, worked with improv collective Tempel Lunaire as well as a collaborating with Tom Carter of Charalambides. She uses exclusively analog sound generating equipment such as modular keyboard-less synths to create visceral soundscapes that rattle bones and then take off into heavenly flights of angelic drone.

Daniel Bachman

Daniel Bachman is a 23 year old guitarist born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since he was a teenager, Bachman has released small-run editions of tapes, CDs and LPs.
Over the past five years, his sound has evolved from drones and banjo music to a primarily guitar-based approach. Touring off and on since the age of 17, he has managed to cover thorough ground across the United States and Europe. Bachman tours 6 to 7 months of the year, playing everywhere from LA to Istanbul, sharing stages with like-minded folk such as Jack Rose, for whom he fashioned the artwork for the posthumous release of ‘Luck In The Valley’. His newest effort is the full length LP ‘Seven Pines’, sprung from a year living and working in the city of Philadelphia. The result is a combination of homesick worried blues and the ecstatic buzz of fresh, new experience in unknown territory. Familiar and known, but also seeking to access memories from lives past, dead and gone.

Ryley Walker

Ryley Walker is a guitarist based in Chicago, IL. His music has ranged from free improvisation, free jazz, pop, and to the outer limits of folk music. In 2011, Plus Tapes released two full length records documenting his diverse range of projects. The first, Wyoming (a collaboration with Tiger Hatchery bassist Andrew Scott Young) released “Tiny Cancer”. At nearly ninety minutes, the sounds of acoustic guitar and double bass are thoroughly deconstructed to create an assortment of dazzlingly noisy crescendos and scattered notes sparse or silent. The second, “Of Deathly Premonitions”, is a collaboration with Fredericksburg, VA guitarist Daniel Bachman. The record contains fingerstlye guitar duets with Bachman on 6-string and Walker on 12-string guitar. The songs show a wide range of influence from Appalachian folk to twisted psychedelic patterns. The two have recently completed an extensive three month tour of the states.

Friday, October 18:

Idklang & Lebdi

When we were kids, we loved listening to the stories our grandmother told us. Like the one about the medieval ruins in our garden. There was a broken pillar we were wondering about that had mysterious plants growing out of it. She told us these were nails. The nails of a hag that was trapped inside of what was left from a building that used to be a convent during the times of plague.

Idklang is guitarist, singer and producer Markus Steinkellner who also is involved in bands like Jakuzi’s Attempt, Artists In Revolt, FA TECH and Arktis/Air. Lebdi (= is floating, hovering) is the vocalist Sanja Ivkov (Syphil) from Serbia. They started telling stories together in Belgrade in June 2013.

Eric Arn

Guitarist Eric Arn and his Primordial Undermind collective have tirelessly mined the nether regions of avant-rock for two decades. Before the Undermind, he cut his teeth in Connecticut’s shadowy basement psych legends, the Crystalized Movements.

Since settling in Vienna, Austria in 2005, Eric has continued with the Undermind as well as playing solo, in duos with Stefan Kushima/Cruise Family and Vanessa Arn, as a member of the Vienna Improvisors Orchestra, Tempel Solaire/Tempel Lunaire, the Magic Carpathians, Marco Eneidi’s Nenuvi Orchestra, and the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra.

His first solo album, ‘Points of Fissure’ was released in April 2013 on Feathered Coyote.

Stary Zoo

Stary Zoo is the new solo-project of me, Vienna based guitarist Michael Poigner. Recently I’m focusing more on acoustic guitar in the line of various (mainly American) artists out of the widespread field of Americana, folk and experimental folk music. Given that there haven’t been any gigs of Stary Zoo so far, it is hard to say how it will finally turn out. As this should be a press text though, at least here are some hard facts about the evolving music played by myself: a loop and a fuzz pedal will be involved, a wholesome amount of reverb and my voice at some points.


Soloprojekt des Totally Wired-Initiators Florian Tremmel. Längst hat er gelernt, wie man den Tag verplempert (nämlich mit dir), die große Welt in einen tighten 4-Minüter packt und frische Ananas rückwärts isst.

Metal Rouge

Metal Rouge is the duo of LA-born Helga Fassonaki and New Zealander Andrew Scott, formed in Auckland, NZ in 2006. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2007 the band switched from earlier Persian instrumentation to pedal and lap steel guitars and the music took on the form of streamlined horizontal psychedelic continuums. Unlike many contemporary musicians coming of out of California, Metal Rouge stand defiantly against meta-new age irony, crafting an intensely personal brand of electrified minimal maximalism at the intersection of New Zealand free noise, NYC loft minimalism and free jazz. Their sets over the last two years have consisted of simple guitar figures strung around drugged minimalist drum pulses interspersed with explosive treble-heavy freeform ragas and fearless outré vocalese. Currently bi-coastal with Andrew in Los Angeles and Helga in New Jersey they continue to throw ideas across the continent, some of which resulted in their new LP ‘Soft Erase’ out this summer on Emerald Cocoon.


Chalaque is, to all intents and purposes, the solo project of guitar player Nick Mitchell, who currently leads the eight-piece free rock unit Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura and was formerly a member of A Wake and Beach Fuzz. Occasionally augmented by a band (extraordinary free drummer Pascal Nichols, better known as half of the duo Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides will be accompanying him on this tour along with Kate Armitage on bass), Nick uses synths or tapes or other instrumentation to forge repetitive cycles around which he develops damaged arpeggios, discords and brain-fryingly extended solos on guitar recalling the creamy dorian style of Kimio Mizutani. A new 7″ is out in July on Golden Lab. The full-length “Sounds from the Other Ideology” was released on Feathered Coyote in July and will be re-issued on LP by Golden Lab this autumn.

Jon Collin

Also joining the festivities is UK guitar player, head honcho of the wonderful Winebox Press label and member of Serfs and The Whole Voyald, JON COLLIN, fresh from his recent coast-to-coast tour of the US. Collin’s guitar playing is sparse, contemplative and, when the mood is right, utterly awesome (lookout for an upcoming issue of his recent Albany, NY show for evidence). Inspired by the Loren Mazzacane Connors, Bill Orcutt and John Fahey in equal measure, he fashions a style all his own where overtones ring and space is paramount. His debut vinyl release was just issued on Winebox Press.


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