A Berry Feast Vol. 5

A Berry Feast is back and this year we’ve decided to try out something different. Instead of having one or two days either in Vienna or on the countryside, we’ve spread out the feast over several days in June and July, taking in many different kinds of venues and artists.

This is the plan:

June 9 – Tea House Berry Feast Special @ Celeste Jazzkeller, 8.30 pm
improv session and surprise sets by Tea House regulars and members of the Berry Feast team

June 12 – Berry Feast @ rhiz, 9 pm
Live: Common Eider, King Eider / Gabriel Saloman / Black Biuti
DJs: DJ NRG Bar, Feathered Coyote Sound System

July 2 – Berry Feast @ mo.e & AU
mo.e –  1 – 10 pm:
Live: Missing Organs (acoustic), Louise Landes Levi, Pandelindio, Bird People
DIY Instrument Workshop
AU – 8 – closing time:
Live: Raju Arara, Robotra, Missing Organs (electric)
DJs: Inou Ki Endo & Hasselblad
expo: Alosi Plattner

July 8 & 9 – Berry Feast BBQ & Drone Retreat @ The Boathouse
semi-private weekend retreat in the countryside with acoustic jams, BBQ, sessions and a closing set by Stefan Fraunberger
if you’re interested, please get in touch at featheredcoyoterecords@gmail.com


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