Meet The Artist: Jung An Tagen


photo by Philippe Gerlach

Jung An Tagen is the primary music act operating within the VIV.
Using substractive synthesis and sampling techniques, Jung An Tagen builds aleatoric arrays, repetitive figures & polyrhythmic moirés circulating around distinctive timbres and haptic fragments, resulting in a vision of morphing movements between high energy and zero gravity states.
Because of the synaesthesian nature of the VIV, Jung An Tagen is bound very closely to a specific visual grammar and is intertwined with video art, even though the performative settings are usually reduced to audio only.

In the past Stefan was mainly present with different bands & monikers on labels like Not Not Fun, Blackest Rainbow or his own imprint SF Broadcasts.
He has recorded with musicians such as Tom Greenwood and Didi Bruckmayr, toured Europe and America and shared the stage with artists like Whitehouse and Faust.
He has also worked on covers, posters and other graphic works for different artists e.g. Kevin Drumm, and as experimental video artist with videos screened at festivals and in exhibitions around Europe.
Due to different aliases and other disorientation strategies, it’s not always easy to keep track, yet every part of the puzzle follows a distinct aesthetic idea about subconscious states, body & time interleavings and identity itself.

“All I need is a million monikers to cover myself from the world. …glad he’s back to flush out my woes, making music as Jung An Tagen …ready to become one with your psyche.” – C. Monster, TinyMixTapes

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