Meet The Artists: Salah Addin & Ré Sukre

2014_02_07 SalahRe&#769_ kaRedi.Sagya.ElisabethKube

Salah-Addin’s Afro Acoustics is Sudanese Folk Music performed on world platform with acoustic instruments like guitar, flute, kalimba, vocals & percussion (djembe, kongas, talking drum etc.).

The music is very melodious and rhythmic and has touches of spirituality due to Sufi influences. The songs are sung in English and Arabic and the music has its originality because it is derived from Sudanese tradition.

The typical Sudanese percussion determines the steady flow of Salah-Addin’s music; typical is the 6/8 rhythm, which gives the music its unique character of Desert Blues.

As the Music has its roots in a long tradition, Salah collaborates with musicians from the experimental Field, and creates a timeless, but very contemporary sound.

Salah Addin (Voc, Guit)
Ré Sukre (Cello)

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