dichteWe have a number of different workshop options for you to take part in. 
For the two workshops on Friday, please let us know if you want to attend. The contact mic workshop will only take place if we can get at least five participants. 

Eric Arn – “Dichte” – Friday, Sept 12, 4 pm (registration required)
“Dichte is a graphical score that maps out a performance environment for improvising musicians, singers, dancers, etc. We will learn to interpret this piece and work together to create a compelling live performance using it.” – eric arnThis year’s Berry Feast will see the third manifestation of Eric Arn’s graphical score “Dichte”. The workshop will take place on Friday afternoon, the performance on Satuday. Participation is free but please let us know if you plan to attend: or

Royl Culbertson III – Contact Mic Workshop – Friday, Sept 12, 2 pm and Saturday, Sept 13, 1 pm (registration required)
Learn how to build your own contact mic in a few easy steps. If we sell enough pre-sale tickets, this will be free, otherwise the cost of material will be charged (around 10-15 Euro). You get to keep your new contact mic. 
If you want to take part, please register by writing to 

Royl Culbertson III – Hidden Sounds of the Environment – Saturday 2 pm
With your self-built contact mics or some borrowed ones you can discover the hidden sounds of your environment! 

Ulrich Rois – guided listening: Raag Bhairavi – Saturday 11 am
Learn about some basic elements of Hindustani Classical music and listen to a performance of a late morning raga while trying to identify said elements. 


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