Hering und seine sieben Sachen Confirmed For Berry Feast 2014

voigtAugmented by effectpedals & mixer treatments Daniel Voigt a.k.a. Hering und seine sieben Sachen blends a Musique Concrète approach (cutting up tapes and looping sounds with the help of several walkmen) with the cosmic aesthetics of Krautrock to make his music sound like love child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Schulze.

His music was released on various tape labels, such as Digitalis, Hobo Cult, Skell LLC & Cosmic Winnetou. Voigt is also the man behind the SicSic Tape label, a home port for a lot of outer limits travelers that are sharing the vision for deep zoned-out music & DIY culture.

Bandcamp: http://laichoflove.bandcamp.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laichoflove

SicSic Tapes: http://sicsic.de

Live Videos: https://vimeo.com/96134207

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