Günter Schlienz Confirmed For Berry Feast 2014

schlienzGünter Schlienz is a German composer & modular synth master who has created meditative works of epic reach with intimate, reflective resonance. His individual style comes from an ever-searching sense of experimentalism that stems not only from his sense of composition but his creation of his self-built modular synthesizers and other instruments. While the cosmic touch is ever present, earthy and pastoral scenes are never far from Schlienz’s gaze. Ultimately, his music is in equal thrall to joy, melancholy, nature and space. It’s a radiant poise Schlienz holds throughout, finding a peaceful plane.

Lately Günter has been very prolific and has released music on Preservation, Sacred Phrases, SicSic and other labels from the vibrant underground scene. He recently toured the American West-Coast and also runs the tape label Cosmic Winnetou. Fans of early Tangerine Dream, JD Emmanuel, and Iasos will shudder with unbearable tenderness to Schlienz’s astral/beatific keyboard emissions & should not miss to see him perform live.

Links: http://www.guenterschlienz.de

Selected works:

Videos: http://vimeo.com/90136745


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