Jake Blanchard Confirmed For Berry Feast 2014

2013-12-12 21.11.39

Strange strings play almost folkish songs through an infection of distorted sounds. Electronics grow in the background, quietly consuming the acoustics. Melody decays into texture. Experimental spores cause instruments to become unrecognisable. If Alan Lomax had taken his tape recorder up to Lovecraft’s Plain of Leng then this is what he might have come back with – an eldritch, unnatural kind of psychedelic folk. Let the pretty colours into your ears.” – Ned / Was Ist Das

It’s a great pleasure to announce that Jake Blanchard will perform at this year’s Berry Feast. As a visual artist/illustrator, he is responsible for many wonderful cover artworks and tour posters. As the founder of Tor Press he releases tapes and records that have a highly evolved aesthetic sense in both the musical selection and the artwork. His own music has been released on Feathered Coyote Records and Tor Press. As Tor Bookings, Jake Blanchard and Sophie Cooper have also started to organize shows in West Yorkshire and this summer they are doing the wonderful two day Tor Festival.

Jake is scheduled to perform live but we’re also working on exhibiting some of his artwork.

Here is a new track performed on the shahi baaja:

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