Dull Knife (US) Confirmed For Berry Feast 2014

I’m very happy to reveal the next confirmation for this year’s gathering: Seattle noise/drone institution DULL KNIFE!

dull knife

The heart of DULL KNIFE is Garek J Druss (A Story of Rats, ex-Tecumseh, ex-Atriarch) and Adam Svenson (Little Claw, Karnak Temples, Eiderdown Records). Svenson and Druss are based in Seattle Washington, USA, and the music they have created over the last seven years moves freely from drone to kosmiche to ecstatic noise and back. The sound is based on their vision of deep organic drones and improvisational gestures that reflect the open waters and grey skies of the Pacific Northwest. The group’s releases on cassette, cdr, and vinyl show the evolution of their patient approach to the natural sound of birth, crescendo, and decay. Layers of bass, keyboards, and vocals build over time and allow the individual instruments to live separately yet together, in an unabashed freedom that speaks of grim cosmogonies, primitive yearnings and a delicate understanding that only two old friends can share. Dull Knife has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with such great acts as Faust, Peaking Lights, Blues Control, Fursaxa, Yellow Swans, Mamiffer, and many others.


Tickets for Berry Feast 2014 will have to be strictly limited and will only be available in advance, no ticket sales at the day of the festival. So watch this space, if you’re interested, tickets will be available soon.

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