First Artists Confirmed For Berry Feast 2014: Datashock, Pretty Lightning, Flamingo Creatures

We’re excited to announce the first three bands that are confirmed for this year’s Berry Feast.


Datashock, the psychedelic horde from Saarland, are one of the most exciting players in contemporary German underground music. They have a new double LP out on Dekorder this spring, check out a promo video for one of the tracks here:

Here’s what Holger Adam (testcard/skug/Phantom Limbo) has to say about them:
There is no oasis in sight. What to do? Walk on. Slowly, perhaps, but steadily. Unswervingly. Ten years after the invention of „New Weird America” (D. Keenan) and the „return of the collective” (D. Diedrichsen), Datashock, who are now in their eleventh year, are still exploring „the space of nomadic sounds” and looking for old sources of fresh sounds, unfazed by contemporary musical mirages.
The sun may still be burning down mercilessly in late capitalism, blinding our eyes and making our limbs heavy, but this horde from Saarland keeps on treading, doing their thing. They are incomparable, indescribable, incorruptible. Their eyes fixated on the eternally dwindling horizon, their antennae tuning in to the never-ending cosmos, they are moving forwards and upwards, leaving behind the remains of scenesters to their left, and to their right the mummified bodies of the lost souls who followed false prophets on the wrong path to paradise. The beauty of the desert is deceiving, and to stand one’s ground in it is no small feat, but the dirty dozen from the „Saarvannah” is undeterred: they are aware of the dangers lurking behind the next dune and they are determined to continue their journey. Whereto? To the mecca of magic melodies, the shrines of mind-expanding sounds, to the sanctuary of musical friendship, and the Dionysian temples of love and excess!
No oasis in sight? Not a problem. This cosmic caravan is ready and well-equipped with sounds and the knowledge of their elders to continue on their path full of deprivation. Datashock know where they are from, and they know where not to go in order not to lose their way. Even if you cannot see them, they are there. They are calling from the desert, can you hear them?
Holger Adam (testcard / Phantom Limbo)

Pretty Lightning 

Hazy yet hotblooded rock and roll séances: this is the soundtrack to sipping on cheap bourbon while forgetting the past and future.

Pretty Lightning is a small town German psych-blues duo whose debut album is also Fonal Records’ first release of any material foreign to their native Finland. While this is a bold move for the label, both musically and geographically, the band’s attitude is quite the opposite: they give the impression that they are deliberately not trying to push any envelope or explore new territory. Their sound is familiar yet hypnagogic, murky and distant like a faded dream recollection. You’ve heard these melodies before, but never quite in this state of consciousness.

At a pace that can usually be described as just plain lethargic, these dudes never quite reach a level of energy meriting the label “stoner rock,” but the swampy pentatonic explorations are there. Hell, I’m sure plenty of metalheads will be disappointed—though only at first—that “The Wizard” is not a Black Sabbath cover. The spaced-out guitar noodling ensures that the competent songwriting never sounds too polished, so to speak—the band seems to be constantly blurring the edges of what otherwise might amount to some very refined hooks. You can tap your toes, but you’ll never quite be able to sing along. “Blazing Bright” kicks off with an infectious slide guitar lead which oddly brings to mind Velvet Underground’s “Venus In Furs”; but before things can get too song-like, in a state of collective amnesia, the band just decides to jam out on the main riff.

The riffs have an undeniable potency to them, like Mississippi delta blues moans steeped in Blue Cheer levels of fuzz, so it’s inevitable that inevitable comparisons to the White Stripes will be made. Even the acoustic songs “Old Wives’ Tale” and “Ghostwalk #2” have a dark, twisted backwoods feel to them. Unlike Jackie W., however, I doubt these guys will be headlining festivals anytime soon (though I’d love it if they proved me wrong). These songs all crawl along at a despondent plodding pace, far too unassuming to incite the masses into an adoring frenzy. There are no anthems to stand up and cheer for; you can only sit back in your easy chair and nod your head in mellow yet rapturous acquiescence.


Flamingo Creatures

Datashock’s resident experimentalists explore their very own sonic universe where everything gets contact-mic’d, Tony Conrad serves up the space cake and you better not take things all too seriously if you don’t want to end up like the Cheshire Cat.

Feathered Coyote recently released their new album “hybrids unlimited”, which can still be obtained here.

From their website:

hering says: two strange booze-hunting creatures making some blissed out synth-laden new age sound…

The Minister for Propaganda Holger Adam says:

Ruth-Maria Adam (30) und Ronnie Oliveras (30) machen seit fünf Jahren im Duo als Flamingo Creatures improvisierte Musik, die sie spontan unter Zuhilfenahme verschiedener Instrumente und aus der Auseinandersetzung mit der jeweiligen Stimmung heraus entwickeln: ihrer eigenen und der im Publikum. Sie können Krach und sich Luft machen – noch lieber aber sind sie leise und verschaffen sich durch die Intensivierung von Stille Gehör. Dazu bedienen sie sich konventioneller Musikinstrumente wie einer Geige, einer Gitarre und verschiedener Holz- und Blasinstrumente, aber auch auf den ersten Blick seltsame Gegenstände finden zur Erzeugung von Klängen und Aufmerksamkeit Verwendung. – Und nicht zuletzt machen beide von ihren Stimmen frei und ungezwungen Gebrauch! Den durch Spontaneität und Achtsamkeit geprägten Prozess des gemeinsamen Musizierens verstehen die beiden Autodidakten als Fortsetzung einer musikalischen Tradition, die historisch in der Fluxus-Bewegung ihre Ursprünge findet und der es an Humor nicht mangelt. Kurzweilig und frei nach Dieter Roth holen die Flamingo Creatures „die Minuten von der Palme runter, wie die dicksten Kokosnüsse!“

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