Day 2: October 18 – Metal Rouge, Chalaque, Jon Collin and more

Here are the first announcements for the second day of our little festival.


METAL ROUGE is the duo of LA-born Helga Fassonaki and New Zealander Andrew Scott, formed in Auckland, NZ in 2006. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2007 the band switched from earlier Persian instrumentation to pedal and lap steel guitars and the music took on the form of streamlined horizontal psychedelic continuums. Unlike many contemporary musicians coming of out of California, Metal Rouge stand defiantly against meta-new age irony, crafting an intensely personal brand of electrified minimal maximalism at the intersection of New Zealand free noise, NYC loft minimalism and free jazz. Their sets over the last two years have consisted of simple guitar figures strung around drugged minimalist drum pulses interspersed with explosive treble-heavy freeform ragas and fearless outré vocalese. Currently bi-coastal with Andrew in Los Angeles and Helga in New Jersey they continue to throw ideas across the continent, some of which resulted in their new LP ‘Soft Erase’ out this summer on Emerald Cocoon.

 CHALAQUE is, to all intents and purposes, the solo project of guitar player Nick Mitchell, who currently leads the eight-piece free rock unit Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura and was formerly a member of A Wake and Beach Fuzz. Occasionally augmented by a band (extraordinary free drummer Pascal Nichols, better known as half of the duo Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides will be accompanying him on this tour along with Kate Armitage on bass), Nick uses synths or tapes or other instrumentation to forge repetitive cycles around which he develops damaged arpeggios, discords and brain-fryingly extended solos on guitar recalling the creamy dorian style of Kimio Mizutani. A new 7″ is out in July on Golden Lab and a cassette on Feathered Coyote is due the same month.

Also on the tour is UK guitar player, head honcho of the wonderful Winebox Press label and member of Serfs and The Whole Voyald, JON COLLIN, fresh from his recent coast-to-coast tour of the US. Collin’s guitar playing is sparse, contemplative and, when the mood is right, utterly awesome (lookout for an upcoming issue of his recent Albany, NY show for evidence). Inspired by the Loren Mazzacane Connors, Bill Orcutt and John Fahey in equal measure, he fashions a style all his own where overtones ring and space is paramount. His debut vinyl release was just issued on Winebox Press.

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