DAY 1: October 17 – First artists announced: Daniel Bachman and Ryley Walker

We’re psyched to announce the first artists for this year’s Berry Feast.

Joining us on a stop of their big Euro tour will be Daniel Bachman and Ryley Walker.

Here’s the poster for their tour, made by Glenn  Gatzke:


Daniel Bachman is a 23 year old guitarist born and raised in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Since he was a teenager, Bachman has released small-run editions of tapes, CDs and LPs.
Over the past five years, his sound has evolved from drones and banjo music to a primarily guitar-based approach. Touring off and on since the age of 17, he has managed to cover thorough ground across the United States and Europe. Bachman tours 6 to 7 months of the year, playing everywhere from LA to Istanbul, sharing stages with like-minded folk such as Jack Rose, for whom he fashioned the artwork for the posthumous release of ‘Luck In The Valley’. His newest effort is the full length LP ‘Seven Pines’, sprung from a year living and working in the city of Philadelphia. The result is a combination of homesick worried blues and the ecstatic buzz of fresh, new experience in unknown territory. Familiar and known, but also seeking to access memories from lives past, dead and gone.

Ryley Walker is a guitarist based in Chicago, IL. His music has ranged from free improvisation, free jazz, pop, and to the outer limits of folk music. In 2011, Plus Tapes released two full length records documenting his diverse range of projects. The first, Wyoming (a collaboration with Tiger Hatchery bassist Andrew Scott Young) released “Tiny Cancer”. At nearly ninety minutes, the sounds of acoustic guitar and double bass are thoroughly deconstructed to create an assortment of dazzlingly noisy crescendos and scattered notes sparse or silent. The second, “Of Deathly Premonitions”, is a collaboration with Fredericksburg, VA guitarist Daniel Bachman. The record contains fingerstlye guitar duets with Bachman on 6-string and Walker on 12-string guitar. The songs show a wide range of influence from Appalachian folk to twisted psychedelic patterns. The two have recently completed an extensive three month tour of the states.

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