New Poster And Change of Sunday Venue

Please note that the venue for Sunday, September 8 has changed to rhiz!
We’re very happy to do this at two of Vienna’s finest venues!

Here’s the new poster by Swantje Musa, also including the latest entry to our line-up, Kendra Amalie, who is about to release an album on the fantastic Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records. postera4.jpg

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A Berry Feast Vol. 6 – Poster and Line-Up

We’re excited to reveal the full line-up for this year’s Berry Feast!
We couldn’t be happy with how it all came together.
So without further ado, here it is:

Saturday, September 7 – Central Garden, Vienna
Günter Schlienz
Dora Bleu
Sky Burrow Tales
Inou Ki Endo

Sunday, September 8 – AU, Vienna
Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band)
Kendra Amalie
Bird People
Bell Lungs
Eric Arn

We’re also happy to announce that we’re working with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine to get the word out to interested heads.

The poster was designed and printed with linocut by Swantje Musa. Individually colored prints will be available at the festival.

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A Berry Feast Vol. 6

After a two year break, A Berry Feast is back in 2019 with its sixth edition.

This year’s feast will take place on September 7 and 8 at Central Garden and AU, respectively.

The full line-up will be revealed at the end of July.


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Schedule Day 3 mo.e & AU

12:00 Workshop with Fede Fossati from Pandelindio: Build your own didgeridoo or bansuri, registration:
16:00 Bird People
17:00 Missing Organs (acoustic piano set)
18:00 Dinner + Talk
19:00 Pandelindio
20:00 Louise Landes Levi

Exhibition: Alosi Plattner
22:00 Missing Organs (electric set)
23:00 Robotra
24:00 Raju Arara
–> DJ-Line: Hasselblad, Inou Ki Endo

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Berry Feast Poster by Sarah Coppen

We’re delighted to present this year’s poster, designed by Sarah Coppen, who also did the cover for the recent Bird People tape “Constellations” on Was Ist Das? records, among many other beautiful artworks.

Please check out her work at:


poster by Sarah Coppen

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A Berry Feast Vol. 5

A Berry Feast is back and this year we’ve decided to try out something different. Instead of having one or two days either in Vienna or on the countryside, we’ve spread out the feast over several days in June and July, taking in many different kinds of venues and artists.

This is the plan:

June 9 – Tea House Berry Feast Special @ Celeste Jazzkeller, 8.30 pm
improv session and surprise sets by Tea House regulars and members of the Berry Feast team

June 12 – Berry Feast @ rhiz, 9 pm
Live: Common Eider, King Eider / Gabriel Saloman / Black Biuti
DJs: DJ NRG Bar, Feathered Coyote Sound System

July 2 – Berry Feast @ mo.e & AU
mo.e –  1 – 10 pm:
Live: Missing Organs (acoustic), Louise Landes Levi, Pandelindio, Bird People
DIY Instrument Workshop
AU – 8 – closing time:
Live: Raju Arara, Robotra, Missing Organs (electric)
DJs: Inou Ki Endo & Hasselblad
expo: Alosi Plattner

July 8 & 9 – Berry Feast BBQ & Drone Retreat @ The Boathouse
semi-private weekend retreat in the countryside with acoustic jams, BBQ, sessions and a closing set by Stefan Fraunberger
if you’re interested, please get in touch at


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Berry Feast Fall Afterglow – October 23 & 24 at mo.ë, Vienna: Head of Wantastiquet, Woven Skull, Muyassar Kurdi, Ana Threat, Kompostfauteuil, Réka Kutas

A Berry Feast Fall Afterglow 2015 flyerWell, the wait until next summer is much too long and some friends are coming through town, so we figured why not do a fall edition of Berry Feast?
The fall afterglow will take place on October 23 & 24 at good old mo.ë, Vienna, which already was the home for Berry Feast Vol. 2 and of course for a lot of our other activities.

Here’s the lowdown:

FR, Oct 23 – doors 7 pm, music starts 8.30 pm

SA, Oct 24 – doors 5, music starts 6 pm

event page:

Feathered Coyote cordially invites you to celebrate the beginning of fall with some mind-expanding zoners provided by:


Paul LaBrecque’s, Sunburned Hand of the Man member, solo shaman body melt unit.

By merging several seemingly incompatible worlds into a new universe, Head of Wantastiquet investigates the dynamics of landscape, including the manipulation of its effects and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what landscape means to us. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated. The work incorporates time as well as space – a fictional and experiential universe that only emerges bit by bit, as recordings sporadically and mysteriously appear on labels such as Open Mouth, Ecstatic Peace!, Conspiracy, Letmo Productions, Manhand and Wooden Finger.

The spirit of American soil is so deeply rooted in this mind traveler, that even his prolonged stay in Europe hasn’t weakened his pow wow power jams.


“Cyclical rhythms, drone-based mantras the eerie creaks and haunted cries of the natural realm that surround them converge to form a dark and beguiling ritual magick.” – Supernormal Festival”

“Woven Skull are a curious and magical thing. A three piece using fairly minimal folk instrumentation to create huge post-rock soundscapes. Quite how they’re managing to make such a noise I’m not sure, there’s no clanking machinery in it, it’s a sound of the woods and weather, the drone coming out of a remote cave. Again, there’s a complete ‘rightness’ about them, as much as their sound is unique everything within it seems to happen just as it should, ebbing and flowing in a completely natural way. It’s absolutely brilliant, somehow ancient sounding but fresh and vital at the same time.” HickeySonic

Leicht verwertbares organisches Material wird unter Einfluss von Luftsauerstoff, Bakterien und Pilzen abgebaut. Dabei werden Kohlendioxid, Nitrate, Ammoniumsalze, Phosphate, Kalium- und Magnesiumverbindungen sowie gepolsterte Sitzmöbel mit Armlehnen freigesetzt, die besonders im 22. Jahrhundert in Mode waren.

Come take your seat in the Kompostfauteuil!

In a clever mix of visual and audio, interdisciplinary performer and musician Muyassar Kurdi brings an unnerving peace to “Chaos.” With an angelically shuddering hark and reverberated strummed strings echoing throughout, Muyassar Kurdi’s blending of mirror-mashed and contort-choreography explores artistry on existential and maximalist levels. Though, by no means are each discipline being practiced in the video for “Chaos” maximalist; contrary to the full package, Muyassar Kurdi traverses subversive minimalism to acquire such a glorious (and very careful) display of fine art. And potentially an “avant garde” middle ground, but using “avant garde” in anything these days is like calling How To Pimp A Butterfly pop and Kamasi’s The Epic jazz (for your reference). But when it comes down to it, Muyassar Kurdi’s entire video for “Chaos” is artisanal. Actually, it looks like something my fiancée and I would come across being filmed in the woods while we go for a hike, which would probably be the only thing better than seeing “Chaos” in full. (Tiny Mix Tapes)

Ana Threat is out to save your souls with a highly conceptualized but also very raw blend of rock’n’roll, surf and exotica. Armed with just a guitar, amp, mic and an old drum machine, a live set by Ana Threat is a hypnotising and vitalising experience.

Réka Kutas is a fixture on Vienna’s free improv scene. Performing under various solo monikers and in numerous collaborations, her style utilizes both cello and voice to create fluid and highly dynamic soundscapes.. Réka also is a member of psych rock band Primordial Undermind and the free acoustic drone collective Bird People.

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